Friday Reader Love

Some funny posts 😮

Museum Chaos and Ice Cream for Your Pocket

To my eager young mind, a field trip invoked all the primal urges I’d held boxed up for so long…..There would be no rules here. No restrictions. Our years of mindless suppression were at an end.


JEALOUSY, n. Emotion that can creep up on introverts in the presence of the chatty and self-assured. (And then we go home and read Jane Austen and all is well again.)

Jurassic World (2015) *Spoiler Alert: There are Dinosaurs*

…the movie basically revolves around four people. The hero (some dude), some woman who works at the Jurassic World Petting Zoo (I feel like the slogan should be “Where all the creatures are larger and way older than you and could eat you!”) and her two nephews. Everyone is irrelevant in the movie and some people die.

Image by Lila


11 thoughts on “Friday Reader Love

  1. ♥ love powered ♥ says:

    I LOVE Problems with Infinity XDD, read that one some time ago and is one of my favorite posts!

    Field trips remind me of how everyone and their parents are playing Minecraft, where you can pretty much do w0t you want 😜

    peace and 💖

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