An long, reassuring Comment

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The following comment was left by Lea on my post -France Terror. Lea shares her musings and her art-works living as an expatriate in France.  Her latest post: SAMEERAH AL BSHARAH: “Between Light and Shadows” Part II. I will highlight some of her points here in bold:

“My dear friend, it is those who are most out of control who see to control others. Unfortunately they frequently have the backing of large corporations that manufacture weapons and other such commodities. In order to benefit them they use methods of propaganda to divide people, rob money that should go to social services, environmental issues and infrastructure to line their own pockets. They spew their propaganda out across the media which the conveniently own.

In some Countries, average people are struggling to survive and have little time, energy and often not the education to look for the real facts and extrapolating with is going on. This does not excuse it, but perhaps may help you to get a clearer sense of the picture.

While today it is the Muslim a few decades ago, and often still it was the Jew. It is also the poor single mother who they claim takes advantage of the system. As one who use to work in the system, it does not work because it was designed not to. They have woven a network of terror making each ‘group’ afraid of the next one. Paranoia is rampant and paranoid minds do not make rational choices.

I left America over eight years ago. Now I am fortunate to reside in a village deep in the south of France. I was still living in America when the Twin Towers were struck and remember it vividly. The fires of hate were fuelled by the administration all across the Country.

Last month, when Paris was under fire, France closed ranks but remain united. I have never experienced such devotion to Libertié, Egalitié et Fraternitié in my life. There are Muslim families, Dutch families, French of course and English families and myself who is the lone one from the states. We greet each other on the streets, in France that means kisses on the cheek if you know them and a handshake if you don’t. A group of Muslim builders did the repairs on my home after a storm three years ago. The work took several weeks and I left my keys with the head builder as I was not always available. There was nothing to fear and the work was done. We are members of a community and we stand together. Last January when there was an attach on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, our village stood strong. After 13 November in Paris, we stood strong.

Please know that not all the world will judge you on your beliefs. Those who do are ignorant of the facts or manipulating the facts for their own purposes.”

Image by Paul Militaru


4 thoughts on “An long, reassuring Comment

      • characterflaws says:

        I think we are getting there. I feel blessed to have seen a change in mentality with this most recent generation. Sure, there are some who still remain filled with hatred and judgement but there is such a bigger focus on love in the last 10 years than I have seen in a long time. Its slow, but I think society is making progress even when it feels like it isn’t.

      • Mon ☠ says:

        Yeah, I thought I was the only one who was noticed that! 😀 Old beliefs are dying with the people who have them and more acceptance and kindness is focused on among differences. Of course in countries like mine, it will take maybe another 30 years for that to happen, but I am glad to see the increased positivity.

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