Fighter Motivation

Simply reading stuff doesn’t do it for me anymore, I feel like auditory learning and having some images with knowledge sips a little deep into my consciousness. I plan to watch this video everyday, the video’s pretty simple really!

I see positive, motivational videos a lot (I do mean a lot!) and this video chunked some important bits in it in a short time 😀

I strongly related to the part where it mentions others being motivated by you going through your struggles and fighting for it. I think one way to “go up the well” (watch the video) for anyone is to motivate oneself to push through so others can be inspired through your example.

I also like the narrator’s voice 🙂 There’s one video of his where he spoke with a different accent he picked up and it was hilarious xD The farmer also looked irritated when the mule got out; it looked kind of fun as if the man was scheming against him and he got out alive. Okay, it doesn’t sound fun when I put it like that.

Also see 1:02 where the mule was crying so awkwardly from happiness of saving his life? xD That was so……ha. And also the part where the obese lady screams at the slim girl on the treadmill? Cool stuff.


14 thoughts on “Fighter Motivation

  1. The V-Pub says:

    That was an excellent video, Mon. The part when the dirt was being shoveled into the well reminded me of the saying ‘that which does not kill us, makes us stronger’, but in a much nicer way! Thank you for sharing it!

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