This is a scheduled post.

It was gamenight a day in my childhood. Me and cousins sat around playing ‘Choor-Polish-Dakat-Babu” (That’s “Thief-Police-Burglar-Baby”, yep that really is the name of the game)

We would play to see who was the thief, the police, the burglar and the baby. The one who got “Baby” card would choose whether the police would catch the bugler or the thief – the baby gets a 100 marks for just that (LOL!) And THAT was the highest score!

Now, the baby decided whether the police would look for the burgler or the thief. Say, the baby asked to find the Burglar, the Police would then inspect the faces of the Criminals to say who the Burglar is. Yes, that’s the whole game. You get points if the Police mistakes your criminal-role, unless he got it right then no points for you. (Why the hell did I grow up? Why? Please tell me!). But the baby gets points whether the Police guesses right or wrong. Childhood was fun. Oh, how scared I’d get when I was the thief and the baby asked for the thief, if the police got it right, I was doomed (from scores). The Burglar didn’t have to worry then….because the baby hadn’t asked for the Burgler and I got Thief…makes sense? How sad I would get whenever the Police guessed it right.

And why did a baby decide which criminal should get caught?

I am using the word “rum” in a sentence. Don’t know how else to use it since I don’t drink. Also, I have a fear- whenever I read anything to do with alcohol, I think……erm…I know that if I like something, I get addicted to it. There’s no stopping me. Fear of getting addicted. No alcohol for me in the future (hopefully…..quite hopefully).

I don’t like reading the newspapers. I don’t need that negativity. But sometimes the geek in me squeals to read. So I read from personal news-blogs.  Reading the news from blogs are better because you get people’s opinions too…..and you try to analyze whether you agree with them or not (LOL).

Weren’t spoons, in the primitive days, animal-bones with a dent? Then it evolved and sh*t. Spoons are now utensils. Like…non-animal-product utensils. Spoons are fun.


Spewntew? Spoontew?




Spoon 2!

In response to Five Word Challenge: September 2015

Photo:Lila, Shoosh Zhu, cereal killer spoon


13 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. carolineturriff says:

    Love the cereal killer photo! I have a long standing fear of cereal killers. I also have a fear of drinking alcohol due to an addictive nature. Luckily I am now in recovery from both the alcohol and the phobia of cereal killers.

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