Butt-Wipes and Flower Power

Writing Prompt #45 Best Superpower asks what superpower you would most like to have and why?

The power to make people love each other. LOL, flower-power :3

I was thinking a lot about this question. Between reading minds and “make-em’-love-’em” power (what should I call this power?) I choose this because this is an issue for me as it makes me sad to see the hatred. So yeah. Let’s see Mon in action..

Man 1: You are different. I hate you!

Man 2: Uhh…okay. *Shrugs*

Mon (comes to the rescue): FLOWER-POWER!

And then Man 1 and Man 2 locks eyes and hugs each other senselessly. The end.  Of this. Prompt. For. Now. No wait. Let’s start. Another.


Writing Prompt #43 is called Perfect Pet and it asks what animal you would most like as a pet and why.

Animal- acquaintances! I will rephrase your question, David.

“What animal you would most like as an animal- acquaintance. And why did you choose this particular animal, Miss Awesomeness?”

Better 🙂

I would’ve chosen “animal-friend” but the word “acquaintance” sounds decent to my long ears. Except for talking parrots. Those bitches don’t deserve that title; they could share things, not the right animal-confidant.

I would want a really clean dog. Like a dog that cleans after himself. The animal- acquaintances do not clean their rear-ends after “acquaintance-business”. Then they sit their rear-ends all over your (clean?) stuff. It’s a super scary thought. I don’t want to sit where the dog sat 😥 Poo, I mean, boo..

I love dogs ‘cos just love you more than you love yourself….if they’re friendly. But where do I find dogs ass-wipe-cleaning dogs? Those that use toilet-papers?

But….Cats are self-centered and they look very self-centered. That’s enough reason to not want cats. Except Lil Bub, Lil Bub makes the exception. Lil Bub can be my Lil Bub any day. Aww. But his owner won’t give up the little fur-ball of hope and magic.

Image By Glitchy Artist


6 thoughts on “Butt-Wipes and Flower Power

  1. Jerrod says:

    For me, the best super power is teleportation (when walking to destination so far) or time travel (to correct my mistakes)… how cool that can be! haha

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