Friday Reading Love!


Accidental “madman”

On Sunday afternoon I was gardening in my front garden. I’m not a natural horticulturalist, so like a lot of times, “gardening” involve…..

Shady Shizzle from the Mouths of Narcissists (and Other Cheaters and Users)

  • I’ve never really been good boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse material (I won’t be faithful or check in with you regularly)
  • I don’t think I can be the person you want me to be (ergo, don’t complain about my behaviors if you choose to stay involved with me)
  • I haven’t made a clean break from my Ex (i.e., we’re still having sex)

Children are Amusing

God is #1, you are #2.

You will achieve all your dreams and eat s’mores.

Photo: Lila


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