Reading Love (Bonus)

Bonus post 😀 Linkie! Linkie! Link with these great bloggers :3

I Ain’t Dropping No Eves Sir, Honest

“…..but instead you just bottle your aggression until it overflows and so you slam your cup down in frustration which spills coffee all over yourself……AND several people are staring at you, wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t put down a cup of coffee in a calm delicate manner like a normal adult can (it’s harder than it looks ok people).”

Fat Clap

“The.whole.time I sneaked peeks over at those beautiful confections of sugar goodness…….They were taunting me.

How can you expect anyone, particularly one with an unhealthy relationship to cake, to actually pay attention to the matters at hand when there are cupcakes RIGHT OVER THERE? “

The Monster’s Letter

“There are six things that I can conclude from this:

  1. My sister is sweet (though I already know this).
  2. I really am kind (no contradictions allowed).
  3. “Alright rock n’ roll to the world” is an adjective now.
  4. “Respectful” is probably the only adjective she knows that starts with the letter R. (But this conclusion does not imply any denial on my part)”

Photo: Lila’s Musings


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