Announcement: Scheduled Posts

Starting the 16th of October, a new arrangement of posts will be….arranged. One post (about whatever I think or whatnot) every Tuesday 7:00 PM (UTC+06:00) and one promotional post on Friday (same time). That means two post a week 😮 Yeah. That’s still a lot 😀 I think. Yep. I have 21 (not)stupid posts scheduled through this year.

Also, some of you notice that I am very late at replying back to comments :3 Sorry! I try to reply to at least 5 comments a day. I want to pay a particular attention to a particular few comments one at a time (and not just reply back for the sake of it), so I simplified my replying schedule :3 I sound so smart- I schedule 😀

16th of October is when the new scheduling thing starts. This is for me to get a break from the computer and focus on my studies. I will have access to internet from my Dad’s phone so that means I can log in to reply to comments at night 🙂 So yeah, I am still here 😉 Just not writing my immediate thoughts of each day after 16th Octop(us)ber.

Wow, writing all these dates makes me feel fancy 😀 Okay. Bye bye. It really does break my heart to not be able to post every single day. But I might get back to it the next year. I might.

Or I might give up on all the plans I listed above xD But I think this time I am serious. I need a break from the virtual space and focus more on my life-space. Okay. Toodles >_< No wait, toodles after the 16th. So confusing with all the dates. xD Okay, temporary toodles unless I die and that will be unhappy-ness-inducing. But still remember, I DID schedule posts for my absence. Don’t give up on me! I also have my archives where you can see all my posts 😮

Okay xD

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21 thoughts on “Announcement: Scheduled Posts

  1. marieolivia says:

    “I schedule” You DO sound so smart!

    Thank you! This made me giggle a little and I needed that. “I DID schedule …” You’re funny! I look forwards to reading more.

  2. sharonyvonne says:

    Wow, you’re quite organized, I’m not jealous. Whatever. You’ve just got it all figured out, don’t you?

    *leaves to make a calender*

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Oh LOL, I learnt from all the pathetic mistakes I made while blogging :3 Hehehe. Thank you Sharon! 😀 Yeah, scheduling can be very helpful and stress-free-ing. Although in real life, I hardly do it :3

    • Mon ☠ says:

      I know right? It get a addictive! Thank you Yanaakm for being so loyal 😊 Haha. Knowing a few will still stay way makes it a lot more co for table 😊 Hugs back

  3. Steven Capps says:

    Hey there, I wanted to say thank you for liking the latest post on my blog. I just read your post on scheduling and that sounds like a fantastic idea. Right now I have scheduled to post at minimum 2 times per week and sometimes three (it depends if I have a guest that week or not) but having a scheduling comments s well is brilliant. I have only read one post so far, but your blog seems great. You definitely earned a new follower.

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Aww…thanks, Steven! 😀 Not many come back just to thank for likes so thanks so much, haha ❤

      Yes, it's pretty awesome to schedule things. Makes you have more control over your blog and posting. It's useful to know when you get the most readers and schedule the time that way. I am glad this post came in handy 😀 Good luck with the blogging journey ❤

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