Mon is fat and feels bad like

she’s gonna get your sympathy strike

And like this, Mon deals.

Then again self-love feels…

 so unlike.

This one took a lot less time to write than the previous ones 😀 Did you feel sad for me? 😥 Did you? How could you not!? C’mon I don’t love myself! 😥


21 thoughts on “Imperfection

  1. Chained King says:

    I misread “man is fat”.. and I started laughing.. but I thought this poem was about materialism and how we consume goods to feel better but we are never satisfied.

    Then I realized it was self-deprecating…


  2. willytyme says:

    No sympathy here and that is only because I know the truth. The truth is you are beautiful. Now, this paragraph, that’s funny as it probably refers to someone else, I find your humor magnetic and it pulls people in. You should have your own talk show because Dr. Phil isn’t a real doctor, he’s just a friend of Oprah. ‘o)

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