Shitty Prose: Skinny

The topic to write about was skin, I was about to make this an erotica, but I am not an erotica person (in public xD). So….I am just going to describe my skin? xD

A golden hue, your pale-brown view. When sunshine strikes. a yellow shade emerges. What was I about write? Yikes?

But inside the house, you’re a caramel but you’d rather be on Mount Carmel. Your love for nature. And acupressure. And, I am deviating from the subject; I had to create an effect. What rhymes with caramel like Mount Carmel? The other one is  “Oramel” but that is a person’s name.

I don’t know what else to say. Using a word like “felse” ain’t okay. This word is too indescribable, my mind now ain’t quite that stable. I have to write about skin, what if I wrote about foreskin? I just did. Hah, splendid.There’s a war in my head, bae. “Dae” is a Scottish surname, by the way.

 Okay, back to skin. Rumpleskin, someone described “same skin on your elbow as on your balls”.  What else do I write? I have no clue. My favorite color is always blue. Okay, I have to write something about skin. I cover most of my own with clothing. Even my hair but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about my affair myself, the gadabout. No, no. It’s about skin, silly, but oh where do I begin? The internal rhythm of this prose…blows.

Okay, worst prose ever. I was losing my mind over what to write about my skin xD So I got distracted :I

Image by Paul Militaru


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