Gift of Romance

I used to imagine myself with a Japanese guy names Maikue xD So yeah, The acrostic of the poem is his name. (MAIKUE!! AHHH! Okay it’s actually spelled “Maiku” but I needed to add the ‘e’ for my awesome ending).

Gift of romance

Maikue, your voice

As deep as my ache.

Incessant thirst stored within my

Kalpis of desire rimmed by wintry chill.

Untainted, your heart. My love will soon

Expugn it with my red-hot cool

Wow, what a narcissistic poem. I am one hot piece of coolness yo. Okay, LOL. That’s it for today. Noticed I have been writing more poems of late? I am taking a poetry course online 😮 And this one took more than an hour to write. Poetry is damn hard.


16 thoughts on “Gift of Romance

  1. willytyme says:

    You gotta have a “Heart On” to write poetry, in other words as long as your heart is in it then it’ll come easy. The one I just read, I liked it because you just let it flow. I like your play on words at the end, you are one hot piece of coolness. ;o)

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