Tried to focus on studying. Maybe I got bored, probably. I came to the computer to read other things. Mom comes in and tells me studying is no game. She tells me to organize the room where I put my books around. So I organize it and she tells me, “I knew you’d organize it instead of study here now”.

Yeah. Okay. I wish I didn’t feel bad for it. I am trying to hold back tears. What the fuck do I do now? AT this point I am crying. I don’t want to live here anymore. But where do I go? I am such a sensitive bitch, I can’t so anything.

I feel like a good-for-nothing lazy ass who would study right now but instead writing here now.

Sometimes I’d feel like I am making excuses for myself to not study. It feels a lot like that now.


21 thoughts on “Focus

  1. sisterjuliaarts says:

    Focussing a creative mind can be a challenge! And worse when you are stressed and if there is any pressure and muddled up feelings. If you have work you have got to get done though I can highly recommend listening to this binaural rhythym track while you tackle it, it helps keep you relaxed and focussed at the same time!:D
    You might need to sign for a free membership on omvana to access it but it’s a great tool
    Wishing you clear thinking and happy progress!:D

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