Witch 1: How could you!?

Witch 2: You were always the best student in Witching 101, why are you stealing Tushycush too!

Witch 1: He’s always been mine!

(Witch 1 casts her tube filled with love-potion towards the sky, it’s color changing from blue to amber).

Witch 2: Screw you!

(A man runs towards the edge and was greeted by two old women sitting on flying broom-sticks),

Witch 1 and Witch 2 together: Tushycush!

Tushycush: Nice to see ladies again. How’s your hair-surgery been?

Witch 2: It was relaxing.

Witch 1: Yeah.The humans here call it styling. So…what brings you here?

Tushycush: Yes, we do. Oh, you see, I come here on weekdays. You know, to scream my painful-est, deepest secrets out on the edge where no one can hear, then listening to my own thoughts echo into emptiness. Good stuff. Therapeutic stuff.

Witch 2: Well, why don’t you go on?

Tushycush: Ohh…..Maybe later, you two seem like you’ve got some stuff going on up there.

Witch 1: Well, yeah we do. Tushycush, could you taste this delicious, yummy drink I made? It’s my dead grandwitchmama’s recipe! 😀

Tushycush: Oh, sure, when you put it like that.

Witch 2: NO! It’s poison!

Tushycush: Wot?

Witch 1: Why WOULD I poison him!?

Tushycush: Well, maybe because you two are afraid I will slip out your secrets to the townsmen…..Anywhoo, I have a dentist’s appointment. My wisdom teeth’s been killing me. I can’t even yawn when my boss talks, although I do that when he’s not looking. But whatever. I need to go, Mon’s probably worried about me.

(The two witches look quizzically at Tushycush.)

Witch 2: Who’s Mon?

Tushycush: Oh, just my future wife. She’s out there somewhere, blogging about what’s happening here this very moment. I can feel it in my feet.

Witch 1: You mean in your heart?

Tushycush: Yes, there too. I have to go find a raccoon-eyed, neurotic Asian who wants to save the world. Ah, that world-peace lover. Alright, see ya. Bye!

(Tushycush walks away as the two ladies stare in silence)

Witch 2: Who are we kidding. You can judge a guy by who he’s attracted to. And that one’s a weirdo.

Witch 1: Yeah, I know. Where could this raccoon-eyed, world-peace lover be found?

Witch 2: In crazy kingdom.

Witch 1: I think she can also be found at https://lifeofmon.wordpress.com/

Witch 2: Oh, I think I will check her out too, she sounds freaky. Wait, aren’t we supposed to be wizards for the prompt?

Witch 1: I am not sure why we turned into witches, how did that happen?

Witch 2: Well, whatever. Hey, I made Itchy Crackers at home, wannah come?

Witch 1: Sure. What are Itchy Crackers?

(And the two witches became best friends and made crackers of poison or itchiness or something whitch-crafty.

The end.)

In response to: Writing Prompt #51 – Wizard fight

Image by AngelLale87


27 thoughts on “Witch-Fight

  1. Nevai says:

    I am following your post for a while Mon and I want to share my thoughts on your witch-fiction. I personally can not read theatre kind conversational fictions because i think they are boring and hard to concentrate. However yoyrs was not instead it was very lively and part of you. I had a desire to know you more and learn your ideas over saving the world-peacev:))

    • Mon ☠ says:

      Hi Neval 🙂 Thank you so much such nice words *hugs* I have such a goofy grin on my face now. Haha, I just have a dream of opening up a business which can help people in many different ways, in different aspects of life. Thank you ❤

  2. willytyme says:

    Awesome skit Mon, that was dope! Well, consider me crazy lovely cause I like ya a lot! ;o) Tushycush, what a weird name but I bet he likes chickpeas. Crazy Kingdom, I could get used to a place like that and the bad thing is I’d probably fit right in. 😛

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