Before I do that..


I took this picture! 🙂

This literally happened to me when I tried to comment on a post, but resisted 😮 It’s funny how such a little thing triggers so much in me.

Mon: Hey, I should write a comment here!

Ego Mon: We do not comment where people do not bother replying to us.

Mon: Aww…I just think he’s a really good writ..

Ego Mon: DO YOU WANT TO BE ALONE!? All alone? And always picking up others’ pieces while you stay broken? Don’t you hate being left alone? Do you like being that girl? Nobody f*cking cares if you’re alone or sh*t.

Mon: No, that’s not entirely true.

Ego: Don’t you dare hit the “Post Comment” button.

Mon: *Erases the comment she wrote* then *Closes the tab and comes to WP to write this because this is all she has to talk about now*


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