That’s Odd Mon.

Whiling away the days of my life. Lamenting the pace of time- time either gets too fast or too slow, nothing in between.

My fouled up perspective on being an adult; as my confusion grows over how ideals differ from reality. Does it? Getting cloudy answers to hungry questions of my faith. My mentality on the decline; I am friends with the monster I detain within. Perhaps the reasoning behind my overthinking character is a cause of my parent’s marriage? Wait, why would it be a cause? People seem to think so…

“You’re overthinking everything again. You need to get a hobby or something,”

Strange how your understanding of my life appears calmer than me living it.

“Hey, you listenin’?”

What is it that makes you different from me? Is it genes? Different experiences? Can a soul be different? Would I be the same if I lived your past?

“MON!!! Ahghh…screw this. I need to get to a party”.

(Mon stares at random girl leaving the dorm. What is her problem? Eh, teenage hormones. Or is our hormones what differentiate us all? Or could it be……Mon gawks at the wall.)

Image by Glitchy Artist


10 thoughts on “That’s Odd Mon.

  1. miusho says:

    The thing with being an adult is.. you’re just mucking around yourself, trying to be an example to others.. I just try to be as good as I wish my children to be.. kind, caring, friendly, maybe a bit weird.. šŸ˜®

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