I am Mon; I am not too virtual

Today, I will enjoy the satisfaction of being more of a reality-dweller. Remember? When my doctor pointed my blogging to denying my reality?

I didn’t read from another blog (except one blog, only accidentally while I was writing my post at Mon Never Learns); I didn’t reply to a single comment nor did I go to Facebook (and I still haven’t). AND I was inside the whole day (as usual).

Any anomalies around blog-posting is least expected (oh, please….unless I died that is….yep). Now I am on board my virtual reality. Cos this is where itzall at, y’all.

After yesterday’s session, I got a bit flustered about being this social-recluse netizen. Hence I wanted to prove to myself that wasn’t; I didn’t log into my blog to write posts or comments for 10 hours (since waking up :P). Mon is impressed; Mon can’t believe it. But I am not going to deny my stolen glances at my computer during the day. Why thou taunt thee? And it was a bit sad since it was a habit to turn the computer on whenever I felt like it. I puttered around the computer thrice, but that was the end xD

My wounded ego did it! It proved to itself it wasn’t a a weird internet-nut, that it was JUST a nut. And the ego is satisfied with that. My ego was salivating for some gratification of knowing myself to be self-disciplined. And I did it! And now it ate the sweet confection of this tiny success. Damn, my feelings were bruised from being judged as this “Net-monster” other than “Unable-to-study-Monster”. 😦 Well, now it’s cool. I went 10 hours without it and kept track of those hours. Wouldn’t want to let them slip by for nothing.

Wise Mon: See Mon? You haven’t spun out of control, unlike what they are saying. You proved to yourself.

Just Mon: Who’s Mon?

In response to the prompt: Today I will.

Image by Paul


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