Study. Social. Penises.

At first draw a penis, and then add the details?

This was a recent post, BTW 😛 I’ll use the prompt here.

Random thoughts: I wonder what sex would be like. My first sexual interlude. OH DAMN IT FEELS TOO CRAZY, CRAZIER THAN OCD (to put “my” and “sexual” in the same sentence).

I was freaked out by this new info I got on penises. They have this thing called…erm….urinary tracts or something. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT!? I am 19 years old…. DID YOU KNOW THAT!? I told Mom about it.

Me: Ma, I want to talk about something

Mom: Shoot

Me: Is it true penises have some outer layering?

Mom: Yeah, but us Muslims cut it off.

Me: WHAT!?

Mom: No! Not the whole thing (laughs). We cut off a little part of it. It’s healthy and can protect your partner. Also, it makes urinary flow smoother.

Me: How could I NOT know that? Let me draw a picture to show you what I am talking about. It looks like the penis is wearing a hat.

Mom: (tried not to laugh at my drawing) What do I know? You recently freaked out about having a vagina.

Me: Mom, I am old and I didn’t know that.


Besides the mayhem from above….

I studied briefly last night. And by briefly, I mean pretty briefly. 10 seconds max; briefly indeed. Debriefing sounds dirty. Trying to offload pieces of my mind onto this box. This WP writing box…..where I write. This technical quirk..well….It looks quirky. And from here all my words will me transferred to here (where y’all are reading, will be reading, or whatever. Who am I talking to?).

I could type up a handful of entries at my blog. Ah. Remember the days when I would post more than three times a day? No, I won’t do it. It is spammy. But nowadays it’s hard to come up with the….syntax (LOL!!!!!!!!!!)

This unscripted reality show that is… blog. I think. I don’t know why I wrote that, I wanted to use the word “joust”. Umm….the unscripted joust between myself and my OCD….YAH! I could’ve left out the “unscripted” though. Woteva.

There isn’t any outbound portion in 99.99% of my posts. It’s because I lack a life outbound and with many people. I have no friends at this moment because I lack the energy to talk about “on-the-surface” things. I mean, I can talk about them, but not unless I have a real connection with someone. The “friends” I had who were “deeper” than others are manipulative, so..

Please don’t reblog this post, it has some things which I wouldn’t want to be shared on blogs other than my own😦


Image credit: College Humor


38 thoughts on “Study. Social. Penises.

  1. yanaakm says:

    In the USA there is a movement that taking the foreskin off at birth is inhumane and should wait for the child to decide when he is older. It’s not a common practice to wait but there are some who feel all males should be given a choice. I’m indifferent in either idea. I guess because I’m biologically female.

    Also you should post as much as you want. It’s your blog. I post often. Sometimes a lot more than 3 times a day. If people don’t like it, fudge them! Besides I love your blog and your writings. 😆

      • yanaakm says:

        It’s ok. I relate my gender to being Gender Fluid. Meaning I am fluid…..flowing through being female and male. I’m biologically female. Though most of the time I look female to those who just see the outside package.

        Aww thank you! 😃

  2. KJ says:

    I will never look at cats the same way again.
    Fun fact: it’s not just Muslims who snip-snip-snip.
    And how do you not know most of these things?

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