Mon Hates Drinks

Here’s a story written in response to this prompt. I will refer to Drink Guy as D

D: Holler! Holler!

Mon: -Looks-

D: I wish to tell you a shakrat


D: The Sakreat to life…

Mon: There’s a nice chair over there. Why don’t you sit on the chair? OK, don’t come closer.

(D looks around and shuffles randomly to a pile of hay. He falls on it abruptly and sits there.)

D: The secret to life..

Mon:-squints at drunk guy-

D: .is to breathe.

Mon: Thanks..I…uh. Should’ve know that.

D: I am going to kill your mother-in-law, too.

Mon: Oh.

D: -Squints at Mon-

Something kind of like this happened. I was walking down the street when this guy steps in front of me. He says, “I am going to kill your mother in law,” and shuffles away. Yeah….fun.

Image by Paul Militaru


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