My Interview :o

Every week Sherina and Caitlin organize a Teens Tell Their Story column (You call it a column right? :/). This week is about interviews.

I was paired up with Just Average Teen Me.

Since she is a new blogger, I thought I would get her a shout-out 😀 Go check her out! Here is an excerpt from her blog:
I started this blog because I thought I needed to get my thoughts out, being totally myself, without the fear that someone I know would find it and judge me…. That’s why this blog is anonymous.  And, the thought of writing in a diary is pointless to me. You write words, maybe to be looked back on, that will never get a response…..


1. What did you want to be (job) when you were little and why?

I wanted to be a doctor because Tania wanted to be a doctor xD (“Mon, quit talking about Tania. We get it!”). But as I grew up I became more focused on what I wanted. More about that in my About Page 😛 (Yeay! I shameless promoted my About Page for the millionth time!)

2. What is your favourite music/singer/band, and what is your favourite song by them?

I was rendered a little hopeless by the new Miley Cyrus *cries*, but I still love her singing. My favorite song by hers is Liberty Walk. “Don’t live a lie, this is your one life…”

3. If you could travel anywhere where would you go and why?

America. Land of opportunities. Or New Zealand because of better support for women there. I WANT TO BE F*CKING FREE! Free I tell you! *Yelling and spit coming out of my mouth* Do you understand me!?

4. If you could keep only 3 things, what would they be?

Mom, Dad, Money. Damn, I would end up where I am now xD I am such a smarty-panty. I mean..never mind 😀

5. Who are your favourite Disney characters? Why?

Cinderella. She is a Sweety! I just adore people with sweet, caring traits like hers (Hey, Amy! :D)

6. What is your favourite season and why?

Spring. It’s neither cold, neither hot. I wub you, Sporing! You give me no asthmass

7. Who do you look up to?

Nelson Mandela. Sometimes for inspiration, I think, “What would NM do?” NM did what I want to do, make a social change. 😮 Sometimes it helps me to do the little things, like being nicer to Mom 😮

8. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?


I was seven years old. I requested permission from the teacher and went to the bathroom. And, captain-obviously, I was peeing. Yeay! But no yeay, because I forgot to close the doors 😥 It was break-time (all of a sudden!) and all the students were barging in through the door. They stared and snickered at me :’D And the funny thing was, they were washing their hands at the same time. And they continued washing in their student-ly line one by one and laughing 😀 And I was sitting there peeing :”@ And then I got up to wash my hands to eat, too. :”D

9. If you could learn 1 skill, that you don’t already have, what would it be?

The skill of self-confidence 😦 (Be sad with me because I used a sad smiley). It’s a great skill. I am still learning it. I am trying to deal with mental-and-emotional baggage 😦 (Again! Be shadistic) I could do great things with confidence 😀 (And now smile)

10. Books or movies? Why?

Books. If you watch the movie version of books, you will see that most of them got the book messed up probably because of time-constraints, deadlines, bad-editing (why edit!?) and maybe mad directing D:. I like reading them from books and creating this fantasy in my head of whatever I am reading about.


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