Trying to ignore Mom

I wrote three posts on my other blog so far- on Accounting, Maths and Literature. That blog is helping me to be accountable for my studies, which is good. I can’t tell Mom about that blog because she would think it’s a crappy idea as it makes me blog even more. Well, it’s the only thing that keeps me interested about my studies, Miss. Mama 😛

It’s typical for Mommy to start the day with anger. I didn’t want to talk about it. But here I go with my mentality again.

*Clears throat*

Tania had internet connection at the age of 10 and I was jealous. You know, back when you needed a phone to connect your internet with? Yeah. Miss the old days though. But anyhow, I was jealous of her and her father always thought it was…

OK, maybe I will talk about this later :/ Damn, I’ve gone nuts. All I will say is that…no I won’t say that either.



OK, sorry. I have no clue what else to write. Yesterday I was feeling all emotional-for-no-reason-ish again but not weepy-emotional. And it made me physically so weak that I was hunching over my keyboards. Then I started chatting with Amy 😀 She rocks.

And that’s it. I guess. My Mama’s callin’ D:


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