Poem: Don’t Expect from a Teen

The Sun is up, the sky is violet

We all can do whatever the f*ck we want.

Because we’re teenagers? As if.

We have limits. Well, I do**.(Mon’s note: Oops, I made a crappy statement. Look below)

I can’t seem to live

safely enough.

I can’t pick up on

my passions. Just yet

but for now I will enjoy

the rain, the things happening

whilst water-drops join my tears because

the past can’t be taken back. And this past

is still happening. I might look back.

And miss it.

I hope I don’t that it becomes bad enough.

Even more.

I enjoy the black raven flying over my head,

it screeches and squeals, no chirping.

It might annoy me, and keep me insane.

But it still keeps me going

with my creative flow. It makes the flow

go even faster.

This comedy,

called life.

Thanks a lot to A Pinch of Literary Salt for this fun challenge! 😀

**I would’ve edited the “Well, I do” part because it makes me sound like the only person with limitations 😮 Which is so f*cking false, sorry everyone;. I just wrote whatever f*cky thing came to my head 😮

OK, so it’s a poem about how people expect me to be- all “teenagerish-ly stupid-happy”. They are all, “Go enjoy life, what do you have to worry about?”. Dude, if it was that simple! In this phase, you aren’t a baby nor an adult anymore. During this phase, only a fraction still maintain their child-like innocence, usually the good people no one wants to hang out with.

During this phase, new things become confusing, you try going with what others also think “should” be happening, etc It’s how adult fight with societal power, it’s then a school-premise-power hungry adult-sized kids walking around with no clue. I am in the last year of my teen stage, I am 19, and I still have no clue what to do; I am not sure how to balance my simplicity with reality. I don’t know when to get a job, where to go for a University, how hard “IT” will be for me in life, how to make it out abroad, when to get married because my parents are nutty people who wants me to get married by the age of 24, etc

TEENAGE! WHY YOU TEENAGE-ly? I hope to grow up and soon figure stuff out. OK, I am done.

For now 😮

My nominees:

  1. 20s And Loving It
  2. Ishit Anagpal
  3. Feel The Obvious
  4. Muskan Gupta
  5. All my followers who would love to join in 😉

Rules for Speed-Poetry Challenge:

Find an image-prompt, set a time limit of 5 minutes, and then WRITE! 🙂 Acknowledge your nominator, and nominate someone to keep the chain going! Enjoy

Image Credit: Writing Exercises


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