Plain Mon. Wise Mon.

Mon:I can’t seem to access my treasure-chest

Wise Mon: There’s no treasure chest

Mon: Yes, there is, it’s my heart

Wise Mon: Do you shit cliches?

Mon: Why are you being mean? Of course  not!

WM: Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset.

Mon: Good. But…just for the sake of knowledge, how does one shit cliches?

WM: You make no sense.

Mon: What? You just envy the gem I am, you love me.

WM: Yeah, sure, it’s like I have to hunt you down to catch you. I work inside your brain.

Mon: I never knew you were a hunter. Please don’t hunt animals. Where’s the brain?

WM: *Sighs* The Brain is Steve Job’s Apple company. No, I am not a hunter.

Mon: How cool! What’s the address to that company?

WM: Of course, you believe that.

Mon: Why wouldn’t I?

WM: Why would you? What if I said it wasn’t a company.

Mon: Why wouldn’t it be?

WM: Never mind. Do you ever wonder if you could…

Mon: Yes..yess?? 😮

WM: If you could…

Mon: Yeaaahh!? 😀

WM: Bounce back into reality /

Mon: I do bounce. It’s part of my fitness training.  I set the alarm for 5 minutes every morning and bounce like no one’s watching.

WM: Mon, do me a favor and don’t broadcast your every thought.

Mon: I am sorry, I didn’t hear you.

WM: Don’t talk so much.

Mon: But I am not talking, I am thinking to you. You are another part of me.

WM: What’s a tavern?

Mon: I don’t know. Why?

WM: You are supposed to use that word in this prompt.

Mon: It sounds truck-ish

WM: Truck-ish?

Mon: Like it’s related to a truck-y.

WM: Mon, search for the word on Google

Mon: Ay, ay, Wisey!

(a few minutes later…)

WM: Why are you taking so long? What does it mean?

Mon: I don’t want to talk about it.

WM: Does it have something to do with alco..

Mon: Staph it right there!

WM: OK, Gosh, Mon. You can’t expect everyone to be like you, OK? Some people drink and you sit in front of your computer all day

Mon:I can’t hear you.

WM: Mon, you need to be accepting of..

Mon: Chocolates.

WM: Yeah….Chocolates.

Mon: But not cheese. Oh dear no. Never cheese. They may smell good but they..

WM: Mon, how about you take a break? I mean, you’re thinking a lot and…

Mon: Oh I see. You’re tired of listening to me talk. Again.

WM: Yeah

Mon: It’s understandable. Plain speaking is never pleasant for anyone.

WM: As if. You talk about…

Mon: I can’t hear you.

Image by Paul Militaru

Written in response to- Five Word Challenge: June 2015


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