Weekly Faves! :D

    I read a lot 😮 Here are *some* of my favorite links from this week 🙂 Enjoy!
  1. Cycling
  2. 151
  3. Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Obstacle Course
  4. Stop Your Whining (Mon’s Note: Then that make me American, too xD)
  5. Grey Hair.
  6. Photographs in a Heartbeat!
  7. Abortion (long!)
  8. Random Laughter
  9. How to Win an Online Argument
  10. The Foremothers of Feminism.
  11. What happened to acceptance?
  12. Clean
  13. The Charge to Be Fair: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Roxane Gay in Conversation
  14. Spelling Schmelling
  15. Understanding The World
  16. Happy Weekend
  17. Kindness Matters
  18. Give me your spotlight!
  19. The Cat of Very Little Brain
  21. Is feminism a selfish philosophy?
  22. Inspiration in Little Places
  23. Am I?
  24. Mushrooms
  25. Objectification of Venus
  26. The Foremothers of Feminism.
  27. Brace yourselves… I’m going to write about periods
  28. Spin

22 thoughts on “Weekly Faves! :D

  1. AKIRAA says:

    Hey sweetheart!
    You make me feel privileged when I see something related to me on this Blog..
    Thanks dearie and really Glad you liked the post!
    And by the way i really like your way of showing Love towards other bloggers and their posts..

    Keep Smiling! 🙂

    Sending you lots of Love,
    Akiraa xoxo

  2. Sushmita says:

    I agree with the above comment. The new theme is very soothing and beautiful 🙂 Just checked some of the posts that you included in this post…they are really good (Especially the Hijab one!). And thanks for including mine in the list 😀 (narcissistic ego boost 😀 😀 )

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