Life with Pills. Day 1

I ingested 3 pills yesterday as Crazy Doctor prescribed. Two in the morning and one in the evening.And BOY do I have a story to tell you!

The evening pill raised hell! At first I was sleepy. My eyes-lids got heavy and I couldn’t read blogs anymore online. Thinking I read too much and my eyes got stressed, I lied down.

I remembered I had to take medicine for my physical symptoms and I got up. And went dizzy (I still am as I write this now). I quickly chewed some tiny sweet medicine and dizzily went back to bed. Then I told Mom about my spinny head and she mentioned that to Dad, who made my bed as I laid down to sleep.

This, my Grasshoppers, is a CNG 🙂 Click on Image for Credit

And I couldn’t sleep. My left leg shook and I fidgeted. I tried to sleep but my head was hurting. I didn’t tell my parents about any of it but they noticed my fidgeting; how I was worming my body like a snake xD So Dad went out to get a CNG for the hospital.

I had some grape juice to “invigorate” myself (again, I am having a grape juice as I write this too 😀 Yeay! OK. Anyhow…) My Dad held my shoulder and my hand to lead me down the stairs because of my tired, dizzy self and we hopped in the CNG.

We went to the hospital and (since this is Bangladesh) they couldn’t care for a girl with a mere depressant side-effect; they referred us to another hospital as they put a tube of saline int my hands (which the later hospital said wasn’t needed to be done. Ugh) 😮 Now a “real” hospital has an emergency group of men to help a cart into an ambulance. Right? They used two of their normal employees who were *laughing* as one struggled to put me in the ambulance. Ugh.

I forgot a lot of the things that happened in the other hospital. All I remember was being pushed around in a cart, telling the doctor I forgot the purpose of being in a hospital (which itself was revelatory of the condition of my mental and physical state for the doctor) and the journey back home in a CNG.

I just took a shower and I just finished my Grape Juice (Nuuu! 😦 ) and I am regaining my Mon-ness. I’ve had some crazy experience with mental-pills before but this was ..just the cherry on the top :/


35 thoughts on “Life with Pills. Day 1

  1. willytyme says:

    Glad you’re better petite’, what an asinine experience. I often wondered why the medical profession is called a practice. That’s why I don’t enjoy medicine, anything that can be given out that freely has to have a catch. Get some rest and get better lovely.

  2. elysiawillis says:

    Oh my god, what a horrible experience! I have depression, too, and I hate messing around with meds, trying to find the right one. I’ve had my share of frustrating experiences, but never a nightmare like that. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. That’s so scary. I hope your experiences with medication from this point out are positive.

  3. sonofabeach96 says:

    That seems to be the answer for everything these days: take this pill or that. I work with patients that take 20-25 pills per day. It seems crazy to me, and I can’t imagine they don’t somehow interact negatively with each other. Some mess are helpful, but it seems it shouldn’t always be the answer. Hope they find you what works, and take you off the ones that don’t.

  4. afternoonofsundries says:

    I know you didn’t want to take the medicine but perhaps now that you have, and the sis effects were so bad, they took you to the hospital… Maybe they won’t try to medicate you right away, next time!

  5. miusho says:

    Moooon!! I hope you’re ok now. 😦
    That is the reason I don’t ever want to go to someone that is allowed to prescribe anti-depressant. They prescribe them too easily. ._.

  6. mrsunscreen says:

    Sounds like a nightmare! I hate hospitals. There is one near where I live and its terrible!
    My dad had to go in for an operation. When the nurse came to take his catheter out of his hand she cringed. Completely did it wrong and then when dad started bleeding her exact words were “oh god you’re bleeding, I hate blood, I shouldn’t really be a nurse should I!” She then couldn’t use the tape thats meant to be put over the little ball of cotton wool they put over the puncture. So I took it off her and did it myself!

    Don’t get me wrong, not all hospitals are bad, or nurses. However when they are bad, they’re REALLY bad!
    Hope you have recovered from your adventure!

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      Oh my Goodness! That nurse is horrible, what the heck was she doing in medicine! 😮 Thank Goodness you were there, Gosh! Awful 😦

      Yeah I know, yeah, I am still recovering and still sleepy but getting better 🙂

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