Robin Williams

I miss Robin Williams. I didn’t even know what his name was before he died, I just knew I loved his personality and his acting. In Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poet’s Society, The Crazy Ones and so many other films.

I was watching BBC without any reason a year exactly from yesterday. And I saw Robin Williams’ face in the news. I was surprised that BBC was showing a celebrity’s face. In shock I read the headline to see what the deal was. It was devastating news.

I told Mom that an actor I knew had died whilst holding back my emotions of deep grief. She said things like that happen in a matter of factly way.

I went back to the other room and watched the news again. I switched off the T.V and lied in bed. And I started crying. Out in shock, disbelief and of course, grief. I never ever cried for a deceased person before.  I don’t like thinking back to that day, I was so hurt. I felt so connected to him from the T.V screen.

It was unbelievable that a moving, breathing person on screen, the person whom I loved so much, wasn’t on this planet anymore.

I knew that the younger generation, like me, who were familiar with the West were devastated to know this. I was surprised when I heard two of my Uncles were upset from the news too. Both of them knew him from Mrs. Doubtfire. So I felt less “pathetic” for crying over a celebrity since I knew some might think it was a superficial cry from a “fan-girl”, and that’s why I couldn’t share this as openly as I wanted.

Not a long time after, the Emmy Awards was airing and the host took some moments of silence as they remembered the death of Robin Williams. His picture on the screen, again, touched me deeply.

Yesterday was the first anniversary after his death, his suicide. I can’t believe he hid his pain all these years  under his humorous, lively and charismatic personae.


13 thoughts on “Robin Williams

  1. Pharrah Michelle says:

    That day was horrible for me! To think someone who made me laugh so much my whole life was that miserable made me feel selfish, like somehow I should have seen the pain, but what could we do except I guess try to show him that we loved him more. And when I saw the posts about the anniversary today I cried all over again. Wishing so bad I could help him and just show him and tell him he is loved. It hurts my heart so bad to think that he felt so alone that taking his life was the only way to feel okay. I hope he has that peace and he’s looking down on us from heaven and he sees how much he is truly loved by so many people!

  2. Chow Kim Wan says:

    I also wrote a tribute piece on my blog; you might wanna have a look. My first interaction with Robin was Aladdin (as you probably can guess), and I have admired his professionalism and talent since then.

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