Hello My Precious….D:


Thanks a lot to River from The Wacky World of River Hayden!!! You have no clue how hard I tried before I made my blog at least visually pleasing to myself, so thanks so much!

7 Factos About Mon:

  1. My Aunt calls me Mon-Moni 😀
  2. My Cousin calls me Bingu :I
  3. Sometimes I am called “Monu”
  4. Other times I am just “Mony”
  5. Mon means “mind” in Bangla 😮
  6. Mon is also the name of a language :/
  7. Mon is also a food-brand! Mon Foods!




As you all know, I am pretty serious with my awards 😮 If I don’t understand the meaning of an award, I look up on it and see who is suitable for it. I know the meaning of lovely by the way 😛 But just in case…

lovely (adjective): exquisitely beautiful.

OK, I will nominate some cute-lookers (Yes, I mean visually-appealing blogs :P)


  1. T-Bird 
  2. Double U
  3. Paterfamilias
  4. A Robot’s guide through life
  5. House of Heart
  6. Mamamaitri
  7. Arresting Imagery
  8. Desirable Love
  9. Sophie Speaks Up
  10. Badfish Out of Water
  11. Come Travel Along
  12. Decoding Happiness
  13. my curious monde
  14. On A Whim
  15. Thoughts Of May

1. Thank your nominator, if you’d like 🙂
2. List 7 facts about you
3. Nominate 15 blogs for the award


14 thoughts on “Hello My Precious….D:

  1. angietrafford says:

    Well done on another award, I never replied to the other because I do not to get very many people that comment on my blog… So pretty much had nobody to nominate! It was definitely appreciated though 🙂

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