Just Wrap them up In Thoughts

I am not sure why I gave that Title.

Yesterday I Skyped a best-friend/blogger- Miusho! 😮 It was exciting, incredible and scary at the same time. Exciting because I was talking with someone I have been “talking” to online while being in another continent. Scary because I awful at talking on the phone. Here’s what happened:

I kept telling her how scared I was, 90% of the time, and she was really sweet with me. And I was so freaked out the other percent’s of the time I did things like telling her how I was good at greeting people in French online; I would “bounjour” them up xD And that people would ask me if I was French and I would say, “No” (Mon say whaaa?)

She was quite cool with all my nervousness and goofiness. Miusho told me it was alright; and that she used to be shy like me when she was younger. Although my hands were shaking too xD I shook some more till bed time when I was calm enough. I seriously need to get out of my hermit and talk more. 😮 It must have been good for my first try at Skyping? OK, bonjour! (No, I am Bangali. Haha, fooled yeah…I did, right?) I am such (an adorable) baby!

Today I have my accounting class 😥 I’ve been lazy and the teacher will be fuming mad that I forgot things he taught me over and over. I WAS DEPRESSED and I shall use that as an excuse (in my head when he will tell me how I forgot)! I hope to solicit his assistance in helping me remember the crap I forgot……to say the least.

I am thinking of summarizing shit I learnt from my studies- Maths, Accounting and Literature- in the most laymen-ish-ly way as possible 😮 Like reviews, but not as boring? Because Mon’s writing and Mon has adowuabal baby-appeal.


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