Solving the Study Problem…

The main issue around my studying is-

a) Not knowing how much work needs to be done so it feels overwhelming

b) Mom abusing me (last night Mom pulled my hair for spending too much time on the computer) and thus, making me less motivated, contrary to her abusive beliefs,.

c) Not knowing the key things I have to get down to.


For English Literature:

a) Read the question papers from past year for Literature and make notes of key things asked in those questions.

b) Read the novels and poems and their summaries from Shmoop.

c) Learn 20% of the important things from Each Chapter from the Book.

d) Light-reading of other Info books for literature

For Mathematics:

a) List down all the chapters and tick them whenever any is finished with after doing #b and #c

b) Not down all the hard Mathematics

c) Write down rules whenever necessary

d) Practice again

For Accounting:

a) List down all the chapters

b) Solve the question papers and write down laws from each problems

c) Tick down difficult parts and write them in a notebook

d) Write the definitions of key terms

e) When not able to do one problem, move to another one instead of mulling it over too much.

f) Repeat practice of (e) for such repetitive problems


8 thoughts on “Solving the Study Problem…

  1. Tessa says:

    I am so sorry your mom abuses you. I just don’t understand people. The only abuse I got was emotional abuse from my ex-husband. I can’t imagine abusing anyone.

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