I am HUNGRY for writing.


I wrote a post today on the happy bus. It was cool to write while I was jerking and rocking as the bus kept stopping.

I recently realized that more women are wearing the hijab! (Yeay, there are more me’s :’) ) Back before whenever I saw a woman wearing the hijab, I would stare at her, mentally praise her for her religious devotion, and just wonder what a God-loving woman she is.

Now we see them everywhere! But unlike some of them, I wear the hijab even after I reach my destination (unless that destination is home or somewhere without non-mahram men). I know a lot of girls take off their hijab when they reach school, someone’s house, etc. But I wear it nevertheless, so there’s the difference you can find between someone doing it for safety or for religion. I believe the purpose of it in religion is for more protection in case someone around is a nut-cracker (Me means “nutty”, but not Mon-Nutty, if you know what I mean), but some prefer to only wear it for “outside-protection”-only. At least they know the importance of it is what makes me happy :’)

Agh! I forgot why I was even writing! I get distracted as my thoughts come and go whilst I write- unlike when I talk when I think a lot before speaking. Social anxiety or wisdom? (I say both, mothaf*ckahs! Did I really write that?)

Well, anyhow, my not-a-feminist-but-daughter-loving Dad made another statement today LOL. I mean, you’ll only find it funny after I explain a bit about his…uhhh…psyche. ๐Ÿ™‚ So today a lady at the super market packed our things and put the yogurt at the bottom of our bag. Now the delicate, plastic yogurt-containers should’ve been on top of the heavier things. We discovered the fault when Dad was speculating our bag on the rickshaw. When he saw the yogurt at the bottom of the bag, he was all, “Women are dumb. This lady put the yogurt at the bottom!”

I didn’t want to say anything to Dad because……this was coming from the man who asks me if the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are real or not. Yeah. Like even if dinausors still existed they would be used to chase and eat actors xD

I told about the Dinosaur-incident to Mom and Mom told me of a similar experience with Dad. Once he was watching this animated film where all these large bees were dominating the world. Those giant bees were flying in groups and eating people and taking away the babies from their mothers. And Dad was so scared, “THOSE BEES ARE EATING PEOPLE!”

“Don’t embarrass me, Kamal!”

“What if those bees get me?”Just look how they’re flying off with those children!!? D: ”

Mom didn’t know what to think after that. Huehuehue. You’re the one who married him!

So anyway xD The only exception Dad makes for me in this species of women is just because I am related to him. And that’s pretty smart ; he is indirectly glorifying his freakin’ O-Negative blood and genes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (A moment of silence for his ingeniousness) Even though my Mother helped him get his education-he is still like this. I mean. C’mon! You were freakin’ given education by a woman! A W_O_M_A_N! But, in the wise words of my Guru, Taylor Swift, “And the haters gonna hate hateย hateย hate”.

So Dad’s gonna hate all those not-Mon-women anyway. But I hope you enjoyed reading about Dad, I certainly enjoyed writing about him. His silly-anti-feminism is why he is the only non-feminist I still love. And he, like me but in a different way, shape and form, is a psycho in the making. He is too silly sometimes to let me be derailed by himย  xD So anyhow…

No Ferociously-Giant Man-Eating bees and…

Peace out BI

21 thoughts on “Huehuehue

  1. yanaakm says:

    Would you write more about the hijacked? What it means to you? What religious beliefs in wearing it means? How it is used for safety and why? I am generally curious and enjoy learning other cultures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. afternoonofsundries says:

    Lol he seems like a typical man to me. My intelligent, wonderful husband who hails from an extremely matriarchal household will go around calling me woman and telling me what I should do. Yet he’s all for woman’s rights and he will do any of the chore he says his woman so do. I think he just likes hearing his voice sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think hijabs are beautiful, and the idea is our crazy show everything world that something should be kept not hidden and ashamed but cloaked respectfully for a higher purpose is beautiful (If I even understand it correctly).

    Learning about other cultures and customs is so very fascinating! I enjoy it so!

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support. Some people online can be quite negative saying things like I am doing what a “man is telling me to” and I am like no freakin’ man told me to! I TOLD ME TO! xD

      Some peeople can’t grasp their mind around why someone would do it and it might have a higher pupose that all of this ๐Ÿ™‚ On the blog, I try to appeal to the rational side of things because people who aren’t from my culture and religion won’t be able to understand it and I am not sure how to tell people that it’s my own choice too xD

      And some don’t know that men in our religion aren’t allowed to wear bright clothes for the same reason- to not attract attention- (as said to not wear anything like red which is eye-catching).

      Argh. People :I

      But I would want a husband like yours too xD People who do their duties but also like hearing their own voice is sort of cute to me! (I hope this isn’t a Daddy-Issue though, but he doesn’t do house chores soo… :o) Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • afternoonofsundries says:

        Lol I want you to have a husband with a bit of bluster but is helpful too :)! I never knew that about the men, fascinating!

        Very devout Christian women in my area (where I live) wear nothing revealing and are encouraged to wear only long skirts- no pants.

        Some of my students hate it because they are forced; but the happier ones do it because they feel it respects their bodies.

        To each their own!

      • Mon (Imma girl) says:

        I put up with his talk for a long time. I just try to hide my laughter while my Mom screams at him though xD I just feel sad because he sometimes comes up with rediculous theories too like, “Don’t eat sugar. It’s totally poison!” and Mom is all, “WHO THE HELL EVEN TOLD YOU THAT!” and he lies like he read it from the newspapers xD If sugar was poison, there would’ve been a huge outcry for it by now. I am only annoyed if he tries to stop me from adding sugar to my tea or other similar things becuse of all his theories. But I find it cute. I found it cute for 19 years though, Lovely xD LOL! It depends. Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder xD

      • miusho says:

        Well, we don’t really need sugar.. But it’s not like it’s poison to add it to your food once in a while..
        But yes. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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