Waiting for the therapist and…

Desk-clerks should find a way to not make it so obvious that they are talking about me after I was registered and one started whispering at each other and when I “looked” they quit staring ๐Ÿ˜•


20 thoughts on “Waiting for the therapist and…

  1. willytyme says:

    I think they were just jealous of you petite’. That’s why insecure individuals do that, they don’t have control of their life, inside they’re ugly.

  2. afternoonofsundries says:

    People can be so aggravating. I was in for a physical for college and I needed more tests run (this is more than 10 years ago). The girl behind the desk knew me from HS, she had been 2 years ahead. We came around to her to schedule follow ups and she looks at me and says, “okay how far along is she?” But in such a judgement all tone like I was the whore of Babylon and her “pal” snickered. My mom laid into those two so bad…

    Flipping those people off could be an excellent start to therapy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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