Therapy in 3 hours

I don’t remember why I started even writing this. I am at grandma’s now be cause therapy place is closer from here and we needed a place to ctash at. But Mom being the controlling narc forced us to come to Grannys’ way early. Me and Dad both wanted to rest while she just wanted to visit here so she kept quiet about the time of the therapy until I got inside the CNG and her mouth slipped the secret. Ugh.

So now I am here early. I don’t hate granny but I don’t have anything to say to her be cause…. I don’t even talk to people my age and what am I supposed to talk to her about?  I also can’t understand her and just smile and nod whenevr she is talking be cause I feel guilty for not visiting her often even though I live far away but still…. ahh! I am at grannys’ AND on my phone.  I feel like crap be cause she cares a lot but none of us have anything to say to each other. I am not like my extroverted cousins who can go hours and hours yalkibg with granny. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such an inny person


31 thoughts on “Therapy in 3 hours

  1. yanaakm says:

    I just wanted you to know that it is ok to be an inny. I am an inny too. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact you probably observe better than most. I know where you are coming from too. I dislike useless chatter. I usually don’t know what to say to people because I think small talk is pointless but things that are important to me there are not many I would talk with. I’ve had to learn some social conversation to make it through social gatherings. I get the same guilt feelings when I visit my given mother and given brother. Though now there is Supernatural. Plus I’m learning to acknowledge the guilty feelings but not let it control me/my feelings.

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