My father isn’t a feminist. But…

My father isn’t a feminist. He thinks men should rule the world. And women, on the other hand,  should stay at home and message those men’s feet and sh*t like that. That men deserve to do whatever they like to “their women”. BUT!!!!!!!!

But…he want ME to have a job :/ He wants ME to have the upper hand in a marriage. So he wants ME to marry a poor, orphan man so that I have all power over him. Since future husband would be isolated from the world and doing chores around the house and cooking and all that. “Umm…Dad, don’t you consider all that a women’s job?” :/ But that wouldn’t still be enough for Dad. This future orphan-husband has to live near Dad in case that man raises his hand on me, and thus, should “deserve a beating” for hurting Dad’s little snowflake :/

I pray for the misogynistic men who have loving mothers, sisters and daughters. I think they too have to be this paranoid about their female family-members since they think all men are and should be like them. So they think the only option is men who have a lack of power and who is a “loser” and doesn’t have the upper hand in a relationship as the perfect choice for their inferior-gendered species of a family :/

I see this on T.V too. Fathers who are proud when their sons lose their virginity. Calling their sons a “player” (in my mind, it screams “man-slut” though) but IF…if their daughter gets a boyfriend….Well…who likes the idea of a “undeserved of trust” person being around the snowflakes of what loving fathers call “daughters” :/

Do you have a misogynistic person in your life who only cares about you ONLY because you’re related to him?


22 thoughts on “My father isn’t a feminist. But…

  1. jacquelineobyikocha says:

    It is quite amusing to see men who batter their wives run to the rescue of their sisters who find themselves in similar position. It is funny to see a man who insists that his wife and daughters should be attended to my female doctors, yet frowns at the idea of women achieving academic excellence and aspiring to anything.

  2. lovetotrav says:

    Mon, you know what I think. I agree completely with DoesitevenmatterwhoIam that you need to look at every avenue possible to move abroad and experience the life you deserve… where you are the one who has the say in how your life looks. Research on-line your options, talk to people who have done it, make that your life wheel at the moment… as Nike says… just do it! And as always… wishing you well and take care. Cheryl

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      Thank you so much. Yes, I need to put that in my life wheel, to be independent 😮 But I am not going to let Dad get away with that xD Dad thinks all that but I will get myself a hubby who cares about me and doesn’t give a sh*t about the things Dad pulls off xD This is making me laugh so much LOL. Yes, it’s alright 🙂 This is why I am studying 🙂 To have a degree that’s good enough to send me to abroad 🙂 Your concern warms my heart, thanks so much ❤

  3. David says:

    Those sort of men exist still? Maybe I’m just lucky and I haven’t met any of them but I can’t picture any guy I know acting like that or any girl I know putting up with it.
    Also I don’t understand their logic. They hate women but they want a wife. They hate women but they don’t want their mothers, daughters, and sisters treated like how they think women should be treated.
    I’m filing this under stupid people are stupid. It’s the only way it makes sense to me.

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      LOL!!!!! You think so!? 😀 Well, it’s a little pleasurable to my feministic-side that Dad gets a little bit of the medicine he deserves by being paranoid constantly xD I pray for these mystification men but I wish loving daughters on them too for their daughters to receive the same kind of paradoxical amusement I get from dad xD

  4. marleymarlene says:

    There are always going to be those men who believe that, but who will also do anything to protect their daughters. I don’t understand this type of thinking, why it’s okay for the daughter to have a job, but not the wife. Either way it’s best to just go for what you believe in and follow your heart to prove them wrong.

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      I dream about that xD LOL!!!! My dad is a nutzo like me xD I have to escape this freakin’ country and my hope my parent’s view of men don’t stick in me and I find a good loyal husband xD They are messing me up big time 😛 xD Thanks so much 🙂 :* ❤

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