The right stuff….

(I wrote the following using my phone 💪)

You grow up thinking your pain is nothing. You recently learnt your mind didn’t see it as nothing. It daydreams if getting an appreciative apology. And theb you watch a f-ing YouTube video about a guy who says people who cut thenselves are attention seeking whores. These person wanted to sound even more of a hypocrite when he said he was diagnosed with major depression. His dad abused hin and speayed a fire-extinguisher at his face and other things like that.

He says that instead of cutting himself he “went to action”. He tried to feel better. He got medication.

While it was obvious he added the “get help” part intentionally in his video to sound like less of a h yprocrite. But he made fun of these people by sayings shit like “Waugh.. buhuhu. You called me fat? I’ll cut myself! ” I had to unsubscribe from his channel.

While there is some possibility that he was actually depressive but not all people handle it the same way. One thing can depress me which may not depress you.

His video was mental abuse for people as he showed himself as a profound psychologist who thought cutting was “silly”.  I wanted to bring this into thought. Think about it. People who abuse try to make their opinions more acceptable. For example, using a little lie to cover up a giant ball of abusive behaviour. E.g. “I am sorry I cheated on you but it’s just that you.  .. ” It’s true you did something like whateve the excuse they gave you but then you find out they’ve been cheating on you way before you started doing that action.


9 thoughts on “The right stuff….

  1. yanaakm says:

    I agree. I think he is trying to make himself feel better by going off the deep end about cutters. He probably does some kind of bodily harm to himself that he is ashamed of. Most who act this way have tell tell signs in how they talk. Basically it’s not you it’s him/them.

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      Yeah maybe 😣. What was surprising was some people who cut thenselves responded that this video was helpful, I doubt then that they really cut themselves and wrote this to combat the negative co me ts on his video 😣

  2. Her et al. says:

    He sounds manic-y. Not to be too obvious but wouldn’t creating a YouTube video, published publicly where you’re calling a large population of people “attention whores”, but drawing attention to yourself? Pot, meet kettle.

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      Haven’t thought of it like that m 😮 Yeah. Indeed. And there is no way to disagree on his videos because a large number of his fans use their narcissistic judgement to defend him am😨

  3. DoesItEvenMatterWhoIAm? says:

    What a horrendous, insignificant little twat. He has to belittle the suffering of others to feel better about himself. Truly pathetic.

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