Makes Vocabularical Sense!

I follow Paula vs. Patriarchy 🙂 Here are some words I should keep in mind from her blog. Excerpts taken from the article Mindy Kaling: And 16 Other Feminist Buzzwords.

Nice Guy (n.): A man who sacrifices hours of his time listening to his gorgeous female friends complain about their rude, muscular boyfriend because no one else will. The nice guy will never take advantage of a vulnerable girl, objectify a girl…. but will never land a girl because of his mediocre looks

…the ‘nice guy’ is a term used to feminize/lessen males who neither control nor hurt women….


Mansplaining (v.): When men explain something in a patronizing manner, assuming total ignorance on the part of the woman listening. The condescending manner and often inaccurate explanations drip with an assuredness that he is right. The person mansplaining (aka mansplainer) is often appalled and offended when their argument/stance is questioned, criticized, or rejected outright.


Not All Men (n.): A favourite amongst (Mon’s note: I would like to add a “some” before the “men” here because some male feminists do exist :))  men as a argument against sexism, as they defend the defended and speak for the spoken for. It is a way for men to redirect a discussion about sexism, women’s rights, rape culture, street harassment, or misogyny to a discussion about how he, as an individual, is not at fault and holds no responsibility. It negates the actions perpetuated by an entire society because he does not knowingly and actively participate.


Mon’s Note: The last one hit me hard. It made me realize that men indeed have to responsibility- to protect their mothers, daughters and sisters. They should take stands at these things. Why are women mostly found in such protests? Why f*cking why, humanity, you cruel b*tches I dream of making a better place for 😥 But I can’t do anything about it since I am at home all day and don’t have a job yet xD BUT it wouldn’t be safe for me to do these things because……umm…..I am even not secured enough to say why in a blog post because people might get to me :I

(The Mon’s Looking:Don’t act like you don’t know any female person you care about 😛 GO! Help them out! Freakin’ join the gender-equality revolution (if you can and if it’s safe to) and help yo’ mamas!)

The first point made me remember something. Not to sound egoistical but I once fell in love with a man who was actually a “bad” boy with “not much of a good-looker’s” qualities, but love is love, don’t make it something shallow 😥

When anyone knew about my crush, they would be all, “MON! YOU look so much better than him. It would take a lot for a guy like him to land a girl like you!” And that’s why I stopped telling people about my crush because…..they be all outside-looks-matter-a-lot-ish people. But I do agree that he would be pretty happy to get me (I am fat and cute :I At least to myself….a little cute maybe…) But I knew that it wasnt’ going to work out because I was a good girl 😛 (I don’t think that makes me sound egoistic, “good”  is quite old-fashioned these days, so yes, I have humbled myself just now).

Oh wait, this was supposed to be a promotional post for Paula. *Runs off for food*


3 thoughts on “Makes Vocabularical Sense!

  1. ♥ love powered ♥ says:

    Mindy Kaling is awesome, ‘specially in dat TV show ‘The Office.’

    In America (well, at least in New York City where I live), feminism seems meh and pointless because, well, most people that I know are treated with the same level of respect as everyone else! It’s kind of foreign to me, that men vs. women stuff. why can’t we just love, like those lovers in ‘Hiroshima, Mon Amour’?

    ayy ‘Mon’ amour xddddd

    • Mon (Imma girl) says:

      Well, that’s one thing 😦 Lots of people in developed countries are, since women are more educated there than in our countries, wouldn’t find the point of it. I wish for a world where nothing happens like the men vs. women sh*t (I don’t believe any gender is better, or else that would make me a supermarci…something, but definitely not a feminist :o)

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