This will be my Title.

Written inn response to David’s 5-Word-Challenge

The magic words here are in bold. This took me almost two hours ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Don’t you guys like the name Mokless? ๐Ÿ˜€

Please give me advice on how to make this better *begs*


They sang their bangla song to Radio Furti as they lived on the illusion that life would do all their work for them. Everything would be taken care of. Just be living and let live. If life hands lemons, life can make their own darn lemonades; at what fu*king point in time did life actually give lemons? Plants give lemons. They do….right? Mokless squeezed his eye brows as he thought deeply.

Under the turquoise-blue sky, a deep, dark glow gently smiled on the side of the heads (with the other side being a dark grey glow) and faces of the siblings as they drove on. His Sister, of course, sat in the back because of “BOphobia”, as Mokless liked calling it.

“Seriously, put on some Rexona or something!” Mishty rummaged through her bag for the emergency at hand, as it seemed like, to inhale through a scented tissue.

“If you hate my man smell you might as well ride in the back!”

“Man smell? You refuse to take a shower!”

Mokless got tired of her. “Go to the back, Woman!” Mishty pouted and uncomfortably trudged her way to the back seat as she noticed they had left the main bridge and finally neared the mountain, lush with greenery, that touched the clouds with it’s tip. “Gosh,” Mishty sighed, “Why didn’t we come to this country sooner?”

Mokless took a deep breath and with no pause replied, “Because we didn’t study since Parents loved drug more than they loved us so without any academic degree to get a good paying job we worked as waiters since we werenโ€™t get long in the teeth where we met an unofficial-looking guy who said if we worked as a dishwasher he would happily pay for our expenses provided we keep the old fart company when heโ€™s in the house and..”

“Breathe. I know,” Mishty rolled her eyes.” Mokless expanded his upper abdomen as he took a long breath from intellectually, as he thought of it, regurgitating the past. โ€œBut there’s something about this old man,” Mishty’s heart skipped a beat as she thought over it, not knowing their living situation after the end of the year. “Are you sure we aren’t being trafficked?”

There was a pause between them. Mishty widened her eyes at her brother for an answer as she braced herself for a harsh glimpse at what she thought could’ve been reality. But his brother’s answer wasn’t very helpful. “You OCD, nutzo!” Mokless nodded his suddenly sweat-covered head with a nervous laugh.

A sudden bumping noise occurred. Mokless looked around with sudden movements like a sparrow craning it’s neck, as if he was going to get attacked by the old man out of nowhere along the highway. โ€œWe hit a squirrel!โ€ Mishty hollered as she looked at the rear view mirror, โ€œWe need to go and help itโ€.

โ€œForget it, itโ€™s dead! You want the old man to kick us out?โ€

Then his eyes caught his watch and Mokless realized it was getting late; The man back home needed dinner. It’s that or getting kicked out of his mansion and that of course means the picturesque-scenery-filled country obviously. The pressure made the grand scenery in front of him a bit off-putting.

“Ughm,โ€ was all Mishty could verbalize at that point with her internal pressure as Mokless drove even faster, as if Mishty’s voice boosted the fuel-tank. There was work to do, no delay was permitted. He drove a bit dangerously fast but not any more faster than his wracking, beating heart.


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