(Reblog) No Flowers Allowed; Fruits Only!

Probably the first person who did my challenge even though I hadn’t nominated him 😛 You guys oughta learn from him! xD LOL. Check him out! He is awesome!

Thoughts Of a Trainwrecked Pineapple

Recently I was reading through my blog and came across one of Mon‘s posts. She is such a lovely girl, and her posts are just absolutely captivating as she has a highly prevalent voice. Her post was actually a challenge and an interesting one. I decided I would take a swing at it, this Veracity Challenge. The elimination of flowers for a change, makes us focus on the fruits.

Here goes nothing!

Can one communicate without adjectives? Can one say what must be said, withholding descriptions that accommodate? Yes. However, one must realize that conversation would be avoided. Descriptions allow humans to express their thoughts entirely. They allow humans to avoid the miscommunication of ideas. Still, humans recognize that adjectives complicate communication; yet, we humans have evolved to sift through the complexity of language and therefore adjectives. While eliminating adjectives could reduce confusion, doing so could increase it…

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