Cosmetic Review by a dude. Yes a dude 🙂 If you look too much into the “dude” part, then you seriously need to get a life 😛 I love this post, check it out! He is passionate beauty care and I love it! 🙂

Cosmetics HAUL Review

Waking up after a looong night’s sleep, while my coffee is getting ready in the kitchen, I go to bathroom to wash my face to freshen up and get ready for the day. I walk up to the mirror, and I see A ZOMBIE LOOKINGAT ME, in the mirror. I get FREAKED OUT! Then I realize, that zombie looking at me is actually me with the DARKEST CIRCLES under my eyes. I know that lots of people share the same problem with me, the DARK  under eye circles that make you look like a character from The WALKING DEAD. So today’s review will be the ULTIMATE ZOMBIE DESTROYER (that helps eliminate the dark circles under the eyes). So let’s KILL THE ZOMBIE!!! 

This is, ladies and gentlemen, TRIPLE ACTIVE EYES, by L’oréal Paris.

Triple Active

This little lady comes in a simply-designed box, and on the box it is…

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