That moment….

When you see that one blogger is constantly greeting all the newbies on WP with the same long text everywhere, making them feel like he/she did it only for them :I Won’t mention their names though, but if someone does things like that on a new blog where there aren’t many posts, these things should be suspected 😮

I see this person everywhere :I I am glad I did not meet them when I was starting out here.


25 thoughts on “That moment….

  1. Luna says:

    Yeah, that kind of stuff really sucks. Or when you see someone’s liked a post, and you check out their blog and it doesn’t relate at all. I got a like from someone with a blog about cars. SERIOUSLY. I can name like 5 car brands all up. 😛 And then there’s the ones who just straight up say, ‘check out my blog’ with a link. No smiles or real comment?! I am NOT checking your blog out, thank you very much.
    Also, this is the first I’ve seen of your blog, but I love your subheading, ‘ To glow with a touch of love’. That’s awesomely fantabulous. 🙂

  2. everywordyousay says:

    Is it me? Sorry if it is! I tend to try and find newer teenage bloggers and I always say “Welcome to the blogosphere”, if I like their post. I don’t like the people who comment on new blogs who ask for them to follow them though. I would never ask someone to follow me, I’d liek to think that they’d to to my blog and make a choice about whether they like my stuff then decide if they want to follow me.

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