(Reblog)A love letter

Mrs. Opinionated Man 😉 She sounds like a beautiful lady 🙂 ❤ Let’s hope I find my Mr. Right 😥 LOL Hehe. To Love! Jumps

HarsH ReaLiTy


Our days together have faded into night and from those nights come memories of passion, love, and romance. An imperfect blend, for we are imperfect creatures, yet within our mistakes we have found a golden path to happiness. Who can say how many more days are left in the saga that is our life together. What adventures shall we see tomorrow, with you the world is open and the possibilities are immeasurable. I find comfort in your company; the touch of your hand solidifies my resolve and inspires me to walk taller. I would always strive to not only provide you everything you should ever want, but to also anticipate and hope to provide even that which you do not need yet.

We balance each other, even when it feels like we are against each other. United though we are, we are still separate entities. Your goals and passions…

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