Growing Young….

I am 19 now. And honestly, the time I turned 18, I felt more like a baby than ever XD I think it is the time when you realize how much of a kid you are. I always feel like a 10-year-old. I still live with my parents, I still don’t want to leave them (what will I do when it’s night and dark and scary?). If something happens, I will probably cry to my ferocious, tiger-mother. But growing up is just…physically growing up to me :I I still play with the water while I am washing my hands. I haven’t messed around with water lately, I need to start doing that again. Age really is a freakin’ number

Inspired by the post: Guess what??


29 thoughts on “Growing Young….

  1. viladev says:

    Get the same problems. Birthday gives me anxiety, because number of age means number of responsibilities. But..yes it’s fun too to grow up anyway, you can do what you can’t before 🙂

  2. Alisha says:

    Hey we are of the same age and I don’t feel grown up either.. as the years pass, we don’t actually grow, we learn how to act in public. If you ask me I act like a kiddo and moreover look like a 16 year old . It’s embarrassing sometimes when they don’t believe 19 is your age and ask for age proof at the movies. Aargh!

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