School Years

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Revisionist History.”

If I could’ve played out some instance from the past differently, I think it would be to just to be stronger when dealing with the mean kids at school. If only I could go back with the mentality I have now……and not care.

If I could go back, the first thing I would get is all nostalgic and living that past life. At  that time my OCD was at a really high level. If only it wasn’t, I could’ve paid better attention at school.

I think I would’ve meditated more regularly because I know it’s benefits in dealing with OCD.

Oh wait I just remembered. If I go back, do I have to deal with the mental illness;s serious state all over again?

Umm…know what? I am happy here. Still OCD, but better. Nope, no need to change anything and get all OCD all over again, it hurts like hell (mentally?) :/


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