I am An Encouraging Thunder….

ETI got the Encouraging Thunder award from my awesome blogger-friend- Tony! 

Purpose in blogging:

  • To connect with people and develop confidence with my writing style.
  • To spread love with kind words (I need more work done in this department, though)
  • To share vulnerable sides of myself so others can relate
  • To share wisdom I learnt from 18 years on earth. Age is just a number, dudes! :o)

Here are my Nominees:

Cheryl **

Alex Eason

Kattie Kate

Himali Shah



Asil Acasio

**This blogger gave me my first award, BTW ❤

Rules for Accepting The Award:

  •    Post it on your blog.
  •    Add the Encouraging Thunder logo.
  •    Grant other bloggers the award.
  •    Mention your purpose in blogging.
  •    Thanks the person who nominated you.

30 thoughts on “I am An Encouraging Thunder….

  1. swajithkas says:

    “I am An Encouraging Thunder….”
    Yes, you are………
    Today when I visited my dearest friend Himali’s bog, I read this post and out of curiosity visited your blog.
    Congratulation for creating this wonderful blog.

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