(Reblog) Dormitory Problems 😣

Sorry everyone! XD I am just spamming your reader. This is my 7th post but it is important 🙂 A 12 year old girl is having some problems and want your advice 🙂 Could you pass by and help her? 🙂



Before I begin, I would like you guys to know that I haven’t experienced this yet but I am about to [2 weeks from now] and this is just based on what I imagine. Enjoy!

1. Period.
This is pretty much only for girls [obviously] and this is one of the biggest problems I could think of :/ seriously! WHAT WOULD YOUR ROOMMATES FEEL WHEN THEY SMELL THE HORRID SMELL OF YOUR OWN BLOOD!? I mean… If I were your roommate, I wouldn’t overreact about it too much but, not everyone has the same personalities. amirite? Washing your undies would be total embarrassment :o?:o??:o I don’t really know how to solve this problem for y’all but I suggest wearing pantyliners when your guts are telling you that you’re about to have it. If you have a tip, please comment below! I REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!!

2. BAD…

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