A Work in Progress (Sticky-Post)

This will be my Wall of Personal Development 🙂 I will weekly post about my “points” here .

The Lowest Point of the week will be in bold and the highest in red. This is to keep me focused on taking care of myself and I know I will do it better if it is here for all of the world to be shown to, LOL!

June 24-30th—>Weight-loss: 5. Study: 5. Love: 2 . General Health: 3. Fun: 10. Environment: 11. Dreams: 7

% on a scale of 1-10: 8.7%

July 1-7th—-> Weight-loss: 2 Study: 1 Love: 10. G. H: 2 Fun: 5 Environment: 8 Dreams: 3

Average % on a scale of 1-10: 5.91%

July 7-14th—>Weight-loss:8 Study: 0 Love: 16 G.H: 1 Fun:8 Environment: 6 Dreams:6

Average %: 9.2%

July 14-1st August: I was too lazy to update


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