My Podcast #1 Just Talking :I (Listen to me Tawukk!)

Transcript: This is my third try. In the first one I was speaking too slowly and in the second my Mom  was screaming. I am Mon, I am 19 years old. I want to build a business that helps people. And I am not sure how to do that, but I am glad my Mom believes in me she thinks I can do whatever I set out to do; set my heart to do. All she wants is for me to get a good education and a good husband, so I don’t end up like her.

Let’s say my Mom helps Dad a lot: she gave him a roof over his head, food, shelter, stuff and all he ever did was..umm….telling her what to do and what wives should do. That’s ridiculous.

SO anyway, I am…talking….Not something I do much. I am speaking. Yup. Speaking, stating. Talking. Referring. I am just saying synonyms. Ummm….I….I don’t know..the first two videos were better because in the first one I was talking about potatoes and tomatoes and in the second one I was talking about…things. And right now I am out of things to talk about.


I hate CHEESE! I hate cheese! Is that something..important?


I say, “Uummm,” a lot.


Hehe LIKING? What the fun? (I say “Fun” to replace the F-word sometimes :P)

OK, so bye bye. See ya. This was….(singing) ridiculous! Tell me what you think about it. Muisho does this better than me, to be honest.

(Squeaky voice) Bye!


28 thoughts on “My Podcast #1 Just Talking :I (Listen to me Tawukk!)

  1. willytyme says:

    That was cute petite’, not bad for being spontaneous. Sometimes going without notes are more authentic, reading puts to much concentration on your material rather than your delivery. A darling voice btw.

  2. miusho says:

    (I shall listen to this as soon as I am home btw.) We can learn together! 😀 I wrote a “script” before I started rambling though. It works when you have a general view on what to say. 😉

    • Mon (is a Girl's Name) says:

      LOL, yeay! How will we do that though? XD But it will be great! 😀

      You’re the one who inspired me to do this (LOL!) I just did this last night and I wanted it to be a bit spontaneous but judging by the number of “Ummss” I did, I should write a script XD Thank you, Lovely! 😀

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