Random bullshitting: Part 1


I think I will write whatever I like right now. But be more polite about it. I don’t think I am writing whatever I want then. Damn. OK Whatever. No, I won’t give  up. I have to write something. CAT! I love Lil Bub. She doesn’t look like most cats. Most cats look so self-centered. But Bub looks so innocent. Lets see…. what else now. Oh and my grammar has deteriorated. I mean I write bullshit. I used to write so great that I got an A* in O level English. And now? I am just…..deteriorating.

I am an INFP. It’s a tough thing to live by those initials. It stands for Introverted. Intuitive. Feeling. Perceptive. In my own words, it means I am an introverted, lazy, intuitive, sensitive person. It’s tough (Did I say that before?) And…….I think I will start boring you….or have i already?

Praising. Hmm….praising people is good. It makes them think they are awesome and then they are encouraged to be more awesome than they think they are. I remember the last time my Maths teacher praised me- I felt like a rock-star.

I used to wait for Likes on Facebook after writing statuses. Now I get at least 2 likes I guess. And now I want Comments on my statuses; give a man a place to sit and he will soon want to sleep there. When we get something, we want more.

I have homework to do but I am not going to do them, un-hopefully 😥

I hate Accounting.This subject requires a lot of thinking- something I am not very good at. Ahh! I hate thinking, makes ma heyad huwwwrt!

Here’s a poem from my journal:



Nothing to type

The f*** do I write?

Typedi-type type

I like to read…

Book! Read books. The…..

Fictional ones.


Cheese- wait, I hate cheese

And books!

I am a romanticist

I am a cyst

No I am not that……”

Mom told me to get off the computer, I guess this is a farewell. I wrote some serious crap. OK, Mom is getting angry.

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Update: This is my second post on my blog, BTW. I rescheduled it (Thanks for the idea, Asil!)

12 thoughts on “Random bullshitting: Part 1

  1. miusho says:

    Your English is still a LOT better than some English I’ve seen across the internets. 😉 Have no fear, mon bébé (mon is my in french. 😀 )! You’ll pick yourself back up and start using the good grammar again. 😉

    • Mon (is a Girl's Name) says:

      Thank you dear! 😀 It’s always a pleasure whenever I see you liking and commenting on my posts :* Yes, that’s what I am doing 😉 I simply forgot a lot in two years XD I just subconsciously know it whenever I make a mistake I just forgot how to correct it XD

      • miusho says:

        I wanted to reply sooner but, things happened. I sometimes have the attentionspan of a 5y old on a sugar rush.

        You’re welcome and I know the feeling. But, with my mother language. I used to write near flawless but now.. Eh, not so much. 😛

    • Mon says:

      Thanks so much, Rellick 🙂 Your feedbacks help me to figure out what I should write more of and what I can improve on. I am glad a lot of you appreciated my cray-cray-ness 😀 Thanks again ❤

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