Mon Prompt: What’s yours is Mine

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

“What’s yours is mine…

And what’s mine is mine…” **

They hurl their insolence

across the net…. Towards you.


These people…..

Some show lots

of interest: “Who are you?”

“What you look like?”


All I see are pedophiles.

Fade away from my mind!

“But…but…Where are you from?”


I never show my picture here,

Online ain’t a great place for that

Unless it’s Facebook and your timeline’s private.

With a killer password no sick

hacker can slash through.


These Peeps start all innocent,

so perfect like an…

ocean breeze in the morning when no one’s around

They be all,

“Hiiiiiiii…! How are yaa!?

and soon they get all..

“You got em’ curves?”


A gentle chorus that hardened. And I am…

Confronted with that pressure

I hit the big Block button.

Soon I am afraid, once more.

“What if they find me again?”


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