That moment when…

..the media declared the Charleston shooter as a “lunatic” without even identifying the man.


6 thoughts on “That moment when…

  1. Her et al. says:

    I agree. It should be assumed he is insane. It shouldn’t be an excuse for not spending the rest of his life in prison. Also, I don’t believe in identifying these mass killers by name, it’s their 15 minutes of fame that they simply do not deserve. The killers name should not be known, the victims should become the names all over the media

    • Mon (is a Girl's Name) says:

      I think that if it were a black men, he would immediate be labeled as a “domestic terrorist” but since it is a White guy, such a term disappeared apparently and the term “lunatic” came to play. I agree that these sorts of people are indeed lunatic, but why not say it as it is for everyone?

      Good point! 😮 Some might be doing it for self-publicity 😮

      • Her et al. says:

        I’d love to say “you’re wrong,” and a year ago I may have actually believed myself. I certainly consider the Charleston church shooter a domestic terrorist. His motivation was racism, he is a worthless piece of crap. I don’t believe his racism is a mental illness that can rehabilitated. He’s just a crappy person that needs to never be free. He should spend eternity in hell.

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