My Mother For Sale

6575053747_ff409f97e3_zMy mother told me she wanted to be sold to a good child. She has self-proclaimed herself as “A Very Good Mother”. She wants to be the second mother in the Gueniss World Records who is sold over the Internet.

“Funny, tough-loving, courageous and a very good cook”- she told me her qualifications. Another condition she just told me, “Only GOOD children can purchase me. Not their FATHERS! OK?”


28 thoughts on “My Mother For Sale

  1. willytyme says:

    The going rate for a Mother over here depends on how she is with her own children. I’m working on a formula because I’m trying to pawn off some in-laws. ;o) Just remember, as long as you keep smiling, you’re winning. Parents don’t know how smart we are, they were born in a simple time.

    • Mon (is a Girl's Name) says:

      Yeah, she probably doesn’t think I appreciate her enough, that’s why I put it in the “Musings’ category instead of the “Dumb” category :I

      Last night, she kept yapping about how she would like to get a better child and was all, “Make a blog post about me for this!” and she thought I would let it affect me and she was a bit sad when I said, “OK, come here. Let’s make an advertisement to sell you off. Tell me what to write.” And she at first didn’t know what to say and then she was all, “No, no, you write whatever you like!” and I said, “No, if you need to be sold off, we need to hear from you too. Tell me your qualifications so people can buy you” and then it started and she was surprised I actually posted this without any fear :I

      *Hugs back*

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