Why the picture of a troll? I am just feeling very excited like him by writing this piece :D

Why the picture of a troll? I am just feeling very excited like him by writing this piece 😀 I don’t need a good reason for my pictures! 😛

Red text from another website:

Where are the days where women were wooed by class, elegance and stability? Now, women go for man buns hipsters who care more about how much weed is in their joint than cash in their bank.  

Dude, I am like….spending my entire life without even going out with a guy for the fear of him lacking “class, elegance and stability”. Which is probably why I haven’t dated yet, despite the numerous occasions cute guys tried to woo me. I didn’t go for them because either I wasn’t sure whether they were my type or because they lacked “gentlemen-ship-ness?”

I am 19 and been single all my life during the time hormones attacked me like crazy and I am so glad I am single! My Dad on one hand, be scared for me if I dated because he doesn’t trust men (LOL! How sexist, my dear father!) and my Mom doesn’t care. For her- as long as I don’t go to some “secret” place to meet-up with my boyfriend, abandon my studies or do any making-out (Making out before marriage? Eww….why would you even think that! You raised me too good to even consider that XD)

 I read recently, something I hold true, that when asked where is Chivalry, the most pinpoint answer is dead.  And the reason is not because men are slack, but feminism has killed it…. I went to open a car door for a female friend the other day, and she said “Don’t I can do it myself”……It’s a modest way to show respect and kindness without too much effort…….When you’re friendly, they say you’re just wanting sex. When you’re nasty they want you simply because you act like you don’t want them.

I don’t know why the woman said, “Don’t” I would have thought it was nice and probably done something similar to give back to the kind writer who held the door open for me (Yes, I would open the door for him as well. Am I not man enough to do that? ;)). I just can’t imagine a world where women are given special treatment and men none.This women obviously doesn’t know that chivalry goes for both genders.

Chivalry, I believe, is consensual. You get what you give, People! It doesn’t have to be dead! 

As for the second point, I think it depends on what wooing is for different cultures. In my culture, a “Hello, Mam” from a male stranger on the street you aren’t even meaning to talk to is considered an insult. In America, it can be considered an act of kindness.

Why does that guy who’s bond on a house rental get spent on a partner to show his support of her when she turns the tables and jumps on under the bridge troll kind of men?

Please, I hope you aren’t generalizing all women as these money snatching “bitches-be crazzaahhhsss! :I”

I will shut up now, that’s enough fun for today. I love searching for the tag “Feminism” on wordpress. I just love it. But I also hate the myriad of misinformation that comes from feminism articles. And I have FUN while rebuting them too 😀 Have you read about my rebuttals? Some of them are here:

“You can’t handle a strong independent woman!”

Rant: 17/6/15 (Feminism)

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Day 2 of 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge (Thank Gaurav, ma’ brotha!)

Quote: Chivalry should be consensual~ Emma Watson.





Rules for the Challenge:

  1. Post 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days
  2. Thank the person nominating you
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4 thoughts on “Feminism…AGAIYYNNEE..

  1. Tessa says:

    I speak to strangers on the street and open doors for men. What should I do, slam the door in their face?
    There is something called kindness not that there is a lot of it in this world. I have had both men and woman slam doors in my face. BUT that doesn’t change my sense of write and wrong.

    • Mon (is a Girl's Name) says:

      Yes, Tessa! 😀 It’s called kindness (I had to use the word choice “chivalry” here because it suited the feminism post better, but how is it different from kindness? ;))

      Yes, Tessa, just because the world has become a lot darker, doesn’t mean we can’t burn bright like a star with kindness ❤ One person's wrong is not the whole humanity's wrong! 🙂 ❤ Thanks, my dear Tessa 🙂

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